driving school bramptonAlam is a pioneer in delivering best class training to both the beginners and the drivers who want to upgrade their car handling expertise. Car driving in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and other GTA area, can be challenging in winters when there is snowfall so we provide car training with all the tips that can be beneficial for operating your vehicle on slippery roads during winters. In such a Canadian weather, to make the driving conditions reliable, make your own driving better by having an expert judgement of what’s the best for any particular situation. We offer different packages as per individuals need as we know that all students are differnt and have varying learning potential so we have separate packages for different learners. Our motto is to build confidence among drivers that help them to boost their expertness without any fear. If you are looking for an affordable driving school in Mississauga, Alam Car Driving is the service you are searching for. Our training vehicles are timely checked and maintained for making your experience even better. With us, you can learn defensive car driving in minimal time due to our best efforts and years of experience in teaching on Mississuga and Brampton roads.

Driving School BramptonOur driving school builds the skill level of our students by looking at their grasping skills and needs thus enabling the use of methodology unique to each driver so as to build their confidence in driving safely. We also provide specialized car training in Brampton, so if someone is searching for a driving school in oakville, Alam is the name you can call. Not only do we offer highly smart instructions, but we also offer tips and tricks for an error-free driving which make our driving service a value for money. Alam, not only a name, but a service you can rely upon for your perfection oriented automobile handling. We are the Best Driving School in Brampton and Mississauga with the potential to deliver the technique of handling steering wheel with confidence in every weather condition, on any type of road and in any amount of traffic. Not only we keep maintaining a high passing rate every year, we also timely get our vehicles inspected for problems related to braking and stuff thus enabling a smooth driving experience among our students. Our strategy is simple yet very effective as a result of our personal attention to each driver and our understanding for the need of the hour.

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Starter Package

5 Lessons + Road Test


Private, in-car lessons
Each lesson is one hour
Free pickup / drop-off
Mock Road Test
Early road test booking

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Our students have received above 90% passing rate for the last month.