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Tired of giving driving tests again and again or are you scared of giving a road test, if anything is bothering you, your best bet is to call Alam driving school, Etobicoke right now, we are the best driving school in Mississauga and we are the one who are confident enough to boost the students by giving them quality training thus making them easily pass the ministry road test. We have flexible timings that can be configured according to one’s needs so if you want to book an appointment for a coaching class, hurry up before the time slot is taken by someone else. Being highly known as a top notch driving school in Etobicoke area, we assure that not only a high passing record but we live up to the expectations of our students, they not only pass, but with minimal errors and a better score.

We prepare our students effectively on the day of their road tests to make an extra effort to help them to pass the exam by getting to know the area where they are going to be giving the test. As we have highly trained driving instructors, there is no chance that you will be left on your own, our driving school has full support for you. Our flexibility with scheduling classes makes it even better for working people with variable job schedule. We not only train for the test but for the future driving on Etobicoke roads, so our students are always safe wherever they go. If you have had multiple failures while giving your road test, we are still confident that you lacked a proper training and we can get you a drivers license in the very first attempt, so dont hold done and call us, our Etobicoke driving school will make our best attempt in providing excellent in-class training and worry-free driving skills for building a better driver out of you.

Starter Package

5 Lessons + Road Test


Private, in-car lessons
Each lesson is one hour
Free pickup / drop-off
Mock Road Test
Early road test booking

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Our students have received above 90% passing rate for the last month.