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Alam Driving School
Phone : (416) 820-1015

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Alam driving school is known for its excellence and its dedication in providing top notch drivers training to its students and helping them secure a valid driving license easily and within a limited budget by not failing the exam. Some student that come to us have horror stories to tell about their previous experience with driving school and we try our best to help them over come the bad and negative thoughts and get going with an expert training and make their way to the safe driving and G2 and G license easily.

We assure you that we take it seriously when it comes to getting our students a license in first attempt and that make our passing rate at around 98% and that makes our students happy to recommend our driving school to others.

Starter Package

5 Lessons + Road Test


Private, in-car lessons
Each lesson is one hour
Free pickup / drop-off
Mock Road Test
Early road test booking

Latest News

Our students have received above 90% passing rate for the last month.