Driving School in Brampton

Driving School Brampton

Alam Driving School has been providing quality training for enhancing driving skills. Our concern is not just getting the students to pass the driving tests but to make them handle the car safely on actual road conditions. This can only be accomplished if defensive driving training is included in your learning session. We have highly experienced and Best Driving School instructors in Brampton who have gained immense years of expert knowledge and understand deeply that how needs of different people vary with the variation in age group so we have modified our coaching process for each group so that learning can be fun and not a horror movie.

If you look at the automotive insurance rate in the city, you will find that its the highest in Ontario. The reason for this being the lack of quality drivers thus leading to frequent accidents and leading to insurance companies hiking their insurance rates. We cannot make a change in the system but we can play our better part to improve the way we live and drive. As we are one of the Oldest Driving School in Brampton with flexible teaching hours, we can accommodate our students a better time table for learning classes. Are you looking for a highly trained teacher, then you are at the right place, call us today and we will be happy to get you up and running.

Driving School in Brampton

Year by year, the roads are becoming more and more traffic congested and also the traffic rules are becoming stricter then before thus making it tougher for a novice driver to have a relaxed state of mind, and our primary goal is to take away that fear away from their mind, thus enabling a better sense of analyzing and taking action according to varied situation. Your Search for driving schools in Brampton ends here and if you want to know more, contact us today and get a free quote with special pricing for a limited time only. We also book appointments on your behalf for the driving test, so we can choose a day as per your needs. One of our trained professionals will be at your service. Our motto is, Drive Safe and we ensure that your safety on road is our first priority. So go ahead and give us a call.

Starter Package

5 Lessons + Road Test


Private, in-car lessons
Each lesson is one hour
Free pickup / drop-off
Mock Road Test
Early road test booking

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Our students have received above 90% passing rate for the last month.